Health Benefits of Sea Vegetables

For many years, nutritionists have touted the health benefits of sea vegetables for a fantastic reason. Today many people are taking Spirulina. However, you should also know the reasons why you need to incorporate sea vegetables into your diet. As the benefits of quite a few of these plants are proven quite thoroughly. Low in carbohydrates and abundant in vitamins and minerals not available in land foods, seaweeds are in a class of their own. For centuries, sea vegetables have been part of the diet, especially for those living in coastal regions.

Reduces Risk of Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer A recent study conducted at the University of California found that adding sea vegetables to the diet can reduce the likelihood of breast cancer. Seaweed can increase immune system function and this has been shown in many laboratory studies around the world. Seaweed is credited with increasing energy, improving overall health, and accelerating wound healing by maximizing the body’s metabolism and antimicrobial defenses.

Suppresses HIV and Herpes

Another benefit of eating sea vegetables is that it helps suppress HIV and herpes. Seaweeds grow by taking advantage of the tide on the coast or in estuaries. As very simple organisms with a powerful influence, algae form the basis of an Internet business that earns more than $6 billion a year. Given the powerful forces of this simple yet complex marine life, it’s easy to see why.

Improves the Well Being

Happy In addition to some vital minerals such as iron and potassium, sea vegetables are full of trace elements that can have a profound effect on human health. It is known to improve the well-being of a person. In addition, sea vegetables contain an odd number of full-spectrum vitamins and minerals, such as C, E, and B12. In addition, we are pleased that sea vegetables are abundant in certain enzymes, as well as a wide selection of essential amino acids.

Causes, symptoms, and treatments of brain cancer

The brain is the centerpiece of all bodily functions including those the activities we do without thinking. All our sense organs are coordinated by the brain. This explains the sensitivity of the function of this major body organ. There has been a lot of hearsay about cancer of the brain that has brought about a lot of speculation to patients who may have brain complications. Here are some facts about brain cancer that will help you understand the causes effects and treatment of this cancer type.

Primary cancer of the brain is a rare occurrence

Primary cancer of the brain has accounted for less than two percent for all the cancer cases that are reported yearly all over the world. Primary brain cancer is one that originates from the brain cells and spreads to other body parts. Most of the reported cases of brain tumor, were as a result of metastasized effects from other parts of the body such as the lungs, breasts that were not controlled at early stages.

Causes of brain cancer

2The exact cause of this type of cancer has been very difficult to ascertain from a medical perspective. Apart from cancer spreading from other body parts, the direct cause of primary brain tumor can only be associated with risk factors without a specific genesis. People who are exposed to ionized radiation are at a higher risk of getting brain tumors. This condition has also been associated with genetic mutations such as Li-Fraumeni syndrome. The risk of suffering from brain cancer has also been known to increase with age. Radiations from cell phones have been greatly associated with causing brain cancer. However, there is no medical proof to this.


One of the reasons as to why medics have had challenges in diagnosis of this type of cancer is because it does not have obvious symptoms. Symptoms such as severe headaches, nausea, and weakness are shared with other ailments. Even noncancerous brain tumors have these symptoms. This is the reason why people are advised to go for screening early enough to ascertain their status before embarking on medication.

Survival rate

The survival rate of brain cancer depends on the specific type of cancer that you have been diagnosed with. Types such Ependymoma, meningioma, and oligodendroglioma are highly treatable and therefore the chances of survival are high. However, there are other types that have a slow response to medication. Such is difficult to treat and therefore minimal chances of survival.


3There is a lot of ongoing research with regards to treatment of brain cancer. This type of cancer is considered fatal and one that leaves the patient with adverse side effects even after successful treatment. There are a lot of trials that have been put in place by World Health Organization and NFCR as part of the efforts to try and give more effective ways of getting a cure for this condition. This trial involves the best researchers who have been in the medical field for a very long time. The research has shown positive indications of successful treatment for brain cancer in the near future.

Anal Ordeals – Hemorrhoids, Fissures, and Pruritus Ani

A sore, itchy, bleeding anus is usually referred to as a “hemorrhoid,” but maybe something else. Hemorrhoids can exist alone or in conjunction with fissures, pruritis ani, or even cancer. Learn the differences so you can choose the best treatment.


hgssa6safg32Fissures, or tears in the mucous membrane of the anus, are very common in all ages. The main symptoms are bleeding and pain during or after a large, hard bowel movement. For most people, a small fissure will naturally heal itself provided it is protected from further trauma. Sometimes an anal fissure itches intensely during healing, or if it has trapped feces and toilet paper debris. You can protect a fissure by gently cleaning your anus and rectum with warm water via a bulb syringe; lubricate with petrolatum or oil before inserting. Follow up with a soothing suppository or ointments.

To prevent tearing your anal fissures, try dietary capsules or powders containing psyllium, flaxseed, or other bulk fibers. These plants work well to ease constipation, relieve painful cracks, and promote healing. You especially want to avoid both constipation and diarrhea, so don’t overdo the fiber, and be sure to drink plenty of water while taking fiber supplements.

Pruritis ani (itchy anus)

Pruritis ani, literally “itchy anus,” another condition that may or may not be caused by hemorrhoids. When hemorrhoids itch, it is usually because it is secreting mucus, or is irritated by retained feces. A fissure itches for the same reasons. But pruritus ani can also be caused by diabetes, hormonal changes, yeast infection, pinworms, sexually transmitted disease such as chlamydia and herpes, and even cancer. A doctor should always check severe anal itching that does not respond to over-the-counter treatment.

Natural products that help with anal itching may contain ingredients such as extracts of horse chestnut, Sophora japonica, stone root, cod liver oil, and shark liver oil. Each of these plant or animal products has proven to soothe anal itching. Extracts of horse chestnut and Sophora japonica, though primarily used in creams and ointments, are also found in capsule form. Oral supplementation with horse chestnut extract or Sophora japonica works directly in the bloodstream, improving circulation and promoting healing of irritated anal tissues.

Rectal exam

Though not pleasant to think about, you should have a rectal exam yearly to detect any changes in tissue that could be cancerous. For example, human papillomavirus is a cause of many cases of anal cancer, yet often shows no symptoms and may not be detected by the patient. A lab culture is a nearly 100% foolproof way to determine the presence of HPV or pre-cancerous cells in the anus.


Whether it’s a case of simple hemorrhoids, or something more serious, don’t ignore the symptoms. If your anal problems persist for more than two weeks, you should seek medical attention immediately. Be sure to schedule a rectal exam if experiencing anal or rectal itching for more than a few days.

Final thoughts

Maintaining good anal health is very important. If you are experiencing simple issues, you should address them as soon as possible. It is also crucial that you maintain cleanliness down there. You can even bleach your anus so you can achieve that clean feeling towards your anal region.


How To Come Out From Depression

That feeling of hopelessness, despair, and anxiety is not an easy thing to bear. Depression not only makes you feel useless, but it can even lead someone to commit suicide. But, not all is lost. Depression can be beaten, and it’s possible to get your life back. In this article, we are going to cover how you can come out from depression, and what elements that you should avoid.

Myths on how to come out from depression

ee8f8rf38rweg43rOne of the biggest problems is that of the most misdiagnosed illness. Some people may think that they are simply feeling down. Hence, they do activities that they think can alleviate the sadness.
A good number of sufferers will turn to alcohol and drugs. Such instances are such a common occurrences that most alcoholics and drug abusers out there are simply trying to self-medicate their depression. The truth of the matter is, alcohol and drugs are not the answer. These substances might take away the “sadness”, but when you crash, it makes you even sadder than ever. Thus, there is a tendency to pick up a bottle or use drugs again. It is a vicious cycle, and that’s the reason why it is not the answer.

Ways how to come out from depression

If you suspect that you are suffering from depression, then the first thing that you need to do is to consult with a professional psychiatrist. The professional can help asses if you truly have depression and its severity.
Although treating depression without medications is highly advisable, but some forms of depressions are very difficult to treat without using medication there are instances that the depression is not caused by external factors, but rather imbalances of the brain’s chemicals. This is one of the reasons why you should see a psychiatrist to determine if your case can be remedied by doing some lifestyle changes. Besides medications here are other tips on how to come out from depression:

1. Socialize

Feeling depressed give you a feeling that you want to isolate yourself. However, just socialize. Go out with a couple of positive thinking friends. Join outdoor activities with them. The more you can connect with other people, the better it is for your mental health.

2. Exercise

Take the time to do exercises regularly. Doing exercises allows the release of the “feel-good” hormone, which can help with you depression.

3. Mind relaxing techniques

Learn to practice a mind-relaxing technique. A good example of this is meditation. Meditation can help become aware of your thoughts and much more. Science has already proven that meditation can help with a variety of mental illness, thus it’s definitely worth a try.

Depression is a serious problem and should not be taken lightly. If you suspect that you are suffering from it, then the first thing you should do it to consult a professional psychiatrist. If you are sure that a chemical imbalance does not cause your depression in the brain, then you can do natural ways of curing it such as socializing, exercising and meditation.